Promotional Product Site Review

promo_blue_men_200I like to surf the internet for products that are related to my industry. The big industries that I can see are most relevant would be anything with logos and promotional type items.

Promotional products are used extensively in trade shows and used as gifts or giveaways. I’ve noticed there are a ton of promotional sites out there – so how do you choose?

I’ll be reviewing those sites that are most popular in the way of traffic and search engine ranking. So what am I looking for in promotional product site?

I’m looking for smart navigation, easy checkout for buying items, clean and attractive looking site and most of all a good reputation.

The first review is for

What I see here at this site,  I really like. It’s easy to navigate. Items are categorized at top of page. They have a blog. If you want to buy something, it’s about 3 clicks away.

Two Thumbs Up.

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