LAPD Police Badge Logo Carpet Inset

by Russell Webb

There are times when we get requests from government agencies. They come from all levels, whether local, state or national. The LAPD training facility, in El Segundo CA, requested a specific design based on the police badge. They used an in-house graphic designer to work out the rough drafts.

We made a few adjustments and eventually nailed down a good design. We had to do a little arm twisting to convince them that this would look good in a carved format, as you can see from the images.  They couldn’t quite visualize the finished product. But in the end they were very happy with it.

This badge design was inset directly into a large central space of the room, right into the existing commercial carpet (sorry no photos of the final install). After a few careful measurements, the badge was set into position. Next, the installation crew carefully cut around the badge and through the existing carpet, then removed the existing cut-out. Finally they inset the badge and seamed it all together.


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